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  • Total Reset Trio

    Categories: Adaptogens
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  • Stress + Sleep Trio

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  • Ashwagandha + Stress Duo

    Categories: Adaptogens, Adaptogens
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  • Prebiotic Gut Goodness

    Categories: Prebiotics & Fiber
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  • Turmeric

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  • Collagen Booster

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  • Milk Thistle

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  • Lemon Balm

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  • Ginkgo

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Consciously Created

Vegan by Choice

Creating products from plants is essential to our goal of setting a sustainability benchmark within the supplement industry. By avoiding animal-derived ingredients entirely, as well as any synthetic ingredients, we uphold our own values and deliver products you can trust.

Plant-Derived Potency

Our range of supplements and whole foods harnesses everything nature has to offer. Unlike many supplements, which are chemically derived in a lab, we extract the goodness of our plants and avoid fillers and excipients. We source quality ingredients from around the world, using certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

Dairy & GMO Free

Wanderlust supplements are 100% derived from natural plants, so they're dairy-free and GMO-free. (We're gluten-free too). We also lead the industry in eliminating the unnecessary fillers, stabilizers, or preservatives which might interfere with the efficacy and potency of our products.

Responsibly Packaged

Our packaging is proudly made from fully-recyclable cartons and amber glass jars. Even our packing peanuts are made from sucrose and dissolve in water (try it!). We're committed to keeping our packaging out of landfills and protecting our precious natural resources.

Australian Made

Little-known fact: supplements in Australia are produced under much stricter to ensure purity, potency and safety. Combined with the high quality and breadth of natural ingredients available in Australia, our Aussie-made products are second to none.

Rapidly-Absorbed Liquids

Our liquid herbal extracts are rapidly absorbed, delivering the goodness of the plant in its most potent state. They're also easy to use, and with the careful addition of essential oils, you'll find our liquids taste delicious, too.


  • 12.08.22

    Very happy

    Very happy with your Stress & Sleep trio and will continue using it. Looking forward to trying other products as well.

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    by Elke P.
  • 03.01.23

    I wish I had found this sooner!

    Your ashwagandha is herbal liquid gold for anyone who wants to reduce the stress of daily life.

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    by Hannah S.
  • 12.09.22

    It tastes great

    The Collagen Booster tastes great. I have had compliments on my skin and my hair seems to be growing faster too.

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    by Kathy R.
  • 12-17-22


    When I open the jar a small mist of green goes into the air that makes me smile. I mix it with water and it tastes amazing….

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    Narelle S.


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